John Cumming performs at The Apres Music Festival in Aspen, Colorado (April 2019)
Veronica Swift performs with the Emmet Cohen Trio at Telluride Jazz Festival in Telluride, Colorado (August 2019)
Drummer Stanton Moore performs during The Funk Sessions at Cervantes Other Side in Denver, Colorado (November 2019)
The Magic City Hippies perform at the Gothic Theater in Englewood, Colorado (February 2020)
Nobide performs for a sold-out crowd at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, Colorado (January 2020)
Saxophonist Will Baumgartner performs with The Pamlico Sound at The Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado (February 2020)
Ayla Nereo performs for a sold-out crowd at The Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado (November 2019)
Pure Colors performs at Cervantes' Other Side in Denver Colorado (January 2020)
Trumpeter Christian Scott performs at GroundUP Music Festival in Miami Beach, FL (February 2020)

All photos Copyright 2021 Alpine Music Photo, LLC. Photos by Colin McKinley.

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Colin McKinley is a concert photographer and musician based in Denver, Colorado.